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Due to operational issues we are unable to carry out the Green waste service today, we will be carrying out the collections on Saturday 19th October. | October 18, 10:17 am


        Garden waste scheme

        Disposing of garden waste into a landfill leads to the production of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.  By using our service you can be confident that your garden waste is being treated in an environmentally friendly way.

        All garden waste collected on your scheduled collection day is taken to a centralised composting site where it is made into a soil conditioner, making it an easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your garden waste.

        How to join the scheme for 2019/20

        • If you wish to join the 2019/20 Garden Waste Collection scheme, please contact (01843) 577115 so we can check whether the scheme is available where you live.

        What does it cost?

        1. You will need to pay for a 240 litre green wheeled bin (which is the equivalent to five or six standard rubbish sacks) at a one off cost of £35.00.
        2. You pay an annual collection charge, which this year is £51.00, to receive a fortnightly garden waste collection service (excluding mid December – mid January) – this works out at around £2.00 per collection.

        Please note:

        • There is no reduction of the collection charge if you join the scheme part way through the collection year.
        • The collection year runs from 1st April to 31 March inclusive.
        • Once you have joined the scheme you only need to pay the collection charge each year.
        • We can only collect garden waste contained within the wheeled bin.
        • The information provided in forms part of the Terms and Conditions for the garden waste collections service.

        Green Waste Calendars April 2019 to March 2020

        Green Waste Calendars April 2018 to March 2019

        Frequently asked questions


        Where is my tag to show payment?

        The bins will be tagged during the last week of April 2019 and early May 2019.  If you have paid, this is indicated on the driver’s list within 21 days of your payment being received even if the tag has not been put on your bin.





        Will I still get a collection without a tag?

        Yes, as long as you have paid, you do not need to contact us to order a replacement. Your payment is indicated on the driver’s list and will stay there for the whole collection year.





        What can I put into my garden waste bin?

        Yes please

          • Garden weeds
          • Hedge trimmings
          • Small twigs and branches (less than 2.5cm (1″) in diameter)
          • Grass cuttings
          • Flowers and plants
          • Leaves

        No thank you

          • Plastic bags or bin bags
          • Flower pots and trays
          • Food waste
          • Soil
          • Stones or rubble
          • Branches or logs (larger than 2.5cm (1″) in diameter)
          • Any other household rubbish


        • Garden waste must be put into the bin loose do not use bags.
        • On collection day you will need to place the bin at the very front of your property by 6am.
        • Your garden waste collection day may differ from your normal recycling and waste collection days.
        • Bins contaminated with material other than green garden waste will not be emptied.
        • All garden waste must be in the bin and the lid closed.  Do not leave any waste outside your bin – it will not be collected.
        • The wheeled bin remains the property of Thanet District Council.  If you decide you no longer wish to pay for the garden waste collection service we reserve the right to collect the bin from your property.




        How much garden waste will the bin hold?

        The bin will hold the equivalent of approximately five standard refuse sacks. However, please be careful not to overload your bin. When we empty your wheeled bin we put it onto a bin lift which shakes the bin twice to loosen the waste into the refuse freighter. If the garden waste is too compacted in the bin we will need to excessively shake it on the lift which can damage the bin.

        See ‘What can I put in my garden waste bin’ above. If in doubt, don’t put it in and phone our Customer Services helpline on 01843 577115 for advice.




        How often will my bin be emptied?

        Your garden waste will be collected once every two weeks throughout the year apart from a few weeks over Christmas and New Year. Please refer your calendar, local newspapers and this website for arrangements over this period.





        What should I do if my garden waste collection is missed?

        If your collection is missed, wherever possible we will arrange to return to collect your bin on the Wednesday after the day your report it as missed.

        Report your missed bin

        Our collection crew record which bins are not out for collection and we will not be able to return if your bin was not out at the front of your property by 6am on your day of collection.




        How will your collection crews know I have paid for a collection each year?

        A white tag will be attached to your bin.  Your payment is also indicated on the driver’s collection list and will remain there for the year.  A new tag will be issued each year.





        Can I have more than one garden waste bin?

        Yes, you can have as many bins as you like but please be aware that you will need to pay for each additional bin and pay annually for each bin to be collected.





        What can I do with my excess garden waste or if I don’t join the scheme?

        Please note: We can only collect garden waste contained within the wheeled bin.




        What if I decide not to use the service for a period? Will I get a refund?

        We are unable to refund any payments for this service.





        Will the council replace lost or stolen garden waste bins?

        No, you are responsible for the security of your bin. We will not empty the bin if it is moved to another property (unless you advise us that you have moved to another property within the district).





        What is the warranty on the garden waste bins?

        The bins are supplied with a one-year warranty. Should the collection crew be responsible for damaging your bin or it falls into the rear of the vehicle we will repair it or replace it free of charge.





        Can I buy my own bin instead of the Thanet District Council ones?

        No, we know the 240 litre bins supplied are good quality and can withstand the pressure of lifting and emptying into our freighters. We cannot risk the safety of our operatives by asking them to empty other bins. Our bins with the council logo will enable us to identify who is entitled to receive a collection service.





        Are all properties suitable for this service?

        Some properties may not be suitable for this service due to restricted access for our collection freighters or lack of space to store the bin or to put them out at the front of the property for collection. We reserve the right to decide whether or not we can provide the green waste collection.





        Why does the council charge for garden waste collections?

        The council has no statutory duty to collect garden waste free of charge. Many residents in Thanet do not have gardens and many householders compost at home. Therefore the decision was made that Council Tax should not be used to provide a service which many people could not use.




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