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        Matter statements

        Matter 6 – Non-Strategic Housing Allocations (Policies HO3-HO9)

        Matter 7 - Sites Allocated for Residential Development at Rural Settlements (Policies HO12-HO17)

        Matter 9 – Meeting Housing Needs (Policies SP19-SP20, QD04-QD05 and HO20- HD26)

        Matter 16 - Design, Heritage and the Rural Economy (Policies QD01-QD03, QD06-QD07, SP33-SP34, HE01-HE05, HO19 and E15-E19)

        Matter 17 - Biodiversity and Geodiversity (Policies SP25-SP28 and GI01-GI03)

        Matter 18 - The Environment and Climate Change (Policies SP35, CC01-CC07 and SE01-SE08)

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